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  • For our late friend, Chris Danley. May he rest in peace.

    I had this done to show it to a friend of my tattooist. Just 2 days before it was fully ready, Chris Danley passed away and we hadnt been able to show it to him. Now it just means so… [ read more ]

  • Grampy

    My Grampy was really important in my life, he was a sailor, a rock in the family, and everyone trusted him. When he passed in 2002 I really didn’t know what tattoos were back then, but as I grew older… [ read more ]

  • Deep sea

    It’s my first two tattoos that has been bigger than my hand other than my underboob tattoo these are my biggest my third and fourth tattoos that are for fun ūüôā

  • Panther

    One of my favorite classic traditional pieces I have. The color is just incredible.

  • Dexter

    The show was amazing so I decided I’d show my love for it permanently!

  • tattooed parents

    This is a dedication two my daughters. Started in January 2010 and still on going. Most recient was neck in July 2014. All ink done by Josh at Sink or Swim Sandgate, Brisbane, Australia.

  • gipsy

    In a very dark period for me, I decided to tattoo “she”, to remind me to have the strength to go on and be strong, a bit like a gypsy who follows his time, I have to find my own…. [ read more ]

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