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  • Buck

  • Side tattoo – old butterfly got added onto

    As 18 year old had a butterfly done in pelvic at age 33 added on with roses and a compass, still to be continued, the roses are for my mother and love of my life, the compass as i… [ read more ]

  • The Legend Of Zelda

    the two zelda tattoo’s on my back symbolize my earliest memory i have of my father playing Zelda with me. the Diablo angle on my shoulder shows my love for gaming o this day, and the snake skull candle on… [ read more ]

  • pin up and skull

    color tattoo: luke zietek, lucky sailor tattoo parlor, france , nice b&w: alex, le rythme dans la peau, france, nice

  • old school by luke z.

  • It’s So Fluffy

    This is a tribute to my daughter, our favorite movie

  • In Loving Memory

    This tattoo is in loving memory of my great-grandmother, Mary, who passed away when I was 15. She practically raised me from the time I was born. She was my connection with my Romanian heritage as well as my window… [ read more ]

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