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  • Release

    This is a piece that holds very close to me. I had drawn the sketch for it and knew I needed someone who deserved the piece, so we went back and did research on a “Likes” competition we had at… [ read more ]

  • Painted eagle

    The eagle is the sign of my home land. I god damn love this piece.

  • Marie Antionette: “Let Them Eat Cake”

    As an entertainer, I understand being a contradiction. I sacrafice myself for others, as Miss Marie Antionette did as well. Plus, I intend to live like her some day and eat all the cake I want!

  • Iowa

    This is the first back piece that I have done! I was given a couple guide lines an went for there. Three two hour sittings, I guess this piece is where I began my growth as an artist!

  • Follow the Leader

    The picture was taken from an album cover from the band Korn. They are one of my favorite bands and I think the art work is amazing and original.

  • Part one of my back piece

    My family, my kids

  • Custom

    My bff designed and placed this tat for me. It’s ours forever