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  • Mama Owl

    The artist is a friend, and I had asked him to draw me an owl, for my forearm. From the moment I laid my eyes on his first sketch, I was in LOVE! It was perfect, We ended up doing… [ read more ]

  • Half sleeve

    This tattoo represents anyone I’ve loved that has passed away.

  • Owl’nt you cute

    I decided on this tattoo during second year at uni, after passing my exams and being shortlisted for placement. The writing is in Greek and states ‘Knowledge is Power’. Which is certainly true for me.

  • Sleeve

    The one on my forearm is the most important to me. It’s a tattoo for my daughter, who is a survivor of shaken baby syndrome. The clock shows the time she was born, the date is in Roman numerals, and… [ read more ]

  • Black & Grey Owl, Roses & Pocket Watch Sleeve

  • owl tattoo

  • Nature Sleeve

    My leg is an underwater garden at the bottom and birds on my thigh, there are also bees on my knees and i plan to add more animals, flowers, nature scenes, and more. I’ve so far spent 2 months tattooing… [ read more ]

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