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  • Athena

    Importance of wisdom before the installed values ​​crisis

  • Owl chest piece

    A diamond is unbearable, an owl is a predator and at the top of their food chain, and the clock represents time because time flies and all everyone has is time

  • Owl

    My wife loves owls and my son loves keys so its represents them.

  • Watercolor Owl

  • Lantern

    I mostly have traditional work. I love the style and the colors. The lantern also represents the saint that I am named after, Saint Claire, who is often seen holding a lantern.

  • Winter owl face

    I had a great whit owl in my barn for many years, and always wanted a tattoo of it. Finally got it!! The girl in the photo is because I love her wintery blue eyes. This is the first tattoo… [ read more ]

  • owl sleeve

    Representation of her grandmothers. amy shandick 973-876-7651