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  • Beast

    I always went for Japanese and decided to switch it up..

  • WaterColor Skull/Owls

  • galactic owl

    I absolutely adore and respect owls, they have a lot of meanings and each and every one of them is important to me. Most of all – my owl being my guardian

  • Owl half sleeve

  • soul keeper

    I won’t be alone after i die, it will be my soul keeper. Also this bird safes me all the time from all danger and so on…

  • kevin anzaldi tattoo

    the text clearly says that “my time is now” in this tattoo, my life is represented in the form of hourglass, and the owl holds my life bringing luck, hopefully!


    It represents me and my whole family, the owl being me, the Sun is my firts daughter SOL, the rose is my 2nd daughter SKYE ROSE, the key has the initial G, my husband Graham holds the key to our… [ read more ]

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