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  • Owl

    The owl simbolizes transformation and protection which is perfect for whats being going on in my life the past few years!

  • WaterColor Skull/Owls

  • Granddaughter’s love

    My grand loved owls this is an owl in an unfinished heart shaped pendant. The heart for the love i have for her and the unfinished because she passed away and our life memories were left unfinished

  • Creative half sleeve

    My arm has a lot of different tattoos I had gotten at different times, done by friends of mine which really means a lot, it’s been a lot of time spent with special people and I’m happy to have the… [ read more ]

  • Yin yang owls

    The two owls represent my mother and me. The yin yang goes for its balance meaning linked to our relationship. We’re completely different, but still, we’re part of one another

  • IMG_20130430_203312

    Tribute to my daughter and son who are the loves of my life, after the death of their father. My daughter protects her brother and loves him with all her heart.