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  • patriotic tat

    This Tattoo Means The World To Me. Two Dog Tags, One Mine, One My Fathers. Has Dates AnD Locations Of Overseas Deployments. Patriotic, Yet Feminine. Red, White And Blue Fire Works.

  • Eagle cover up

    This is my latest tattoo. It’s a cover-up of a bad tattoo I had with my Xs name and our anniversary date. To me it represents transition, change and freedom to move on. It also symbolizes my Army career and… [ read more ]

  • German-American Pride

    I was raised to take pride in my German roots as well as being proud to call the best damn country in the world my birthplace and home

  • American flag tattoo

    I am a proud Army vet. Just wanted to show my patriotism.

  • Death of the Past

    It celebrates my life in the military

  • tattoos006

  • 33751_1654744605493_1143406359

    Im a soldier and I wanted to get something that represented what I fight for…The world trade center made me want to fight for this country. The severed wolf head represents terrorism…the sheep american people…it represents the change a soldier… [ read more ]

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