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  • Venetian Mask

    This tattoo represents a trip to Venice and the mask brought back.

  • Heart of a gypsy

    The gypsy woman reminds me to enjoy every second of life’s adventure, because you never know what will happen. Also to stay in tune with my energy, an example of such would be to listen to my heart and instincts.

  • summer ink

    I decided on this side piece after a rough patch in my life, my feather proves how I feel about myself in side and out. Which is a huge turn around from how I used to feel and be told… [ read more ]

  • Alice in Wonderland mess

    Represents my childhood and part of my teenage life…

  • Peacock feather side peice

  • image

    I love country music, and this is the start to my sleeve.

  • IMG_4701

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