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  • Peacock Back Piece

    I love peacocks and how beautiful they are. I wanted to turn my body into a walking of piece of art. Thanks to Dave Kruseman he made that happen for me. He’s located in Hagerstown, Md. Check out his IG… [ read more ]

  • Greek mythology

    peacocks represent immortality, Zeus and Hera is the force of love

  • Peacock

    My favorite bird like a peacock your beauty multiplied when you spread your wings and show the world your stuff !! Don’t be afraid to be who you are each peacock feather is flawed and imperfect but collectively they create… [ read more ]

  • Watercolor peacock feather

  • Peacock

    The peacock was my grandmother favorite animal. When she passed away I got this tattoo to represent her.. calm + beautiful

  • Peacock/cherokee rose

  • Masquerade

    First piece that is now a full sleeve. Vintage inspired. “Wear wisdom and all else will be beautiful”.