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  • Japanese Peony

    This tattoo is beautifully done by the highly skilled artist, Jason Medina, and all I wish it to share it with other people. I feel extremely lucky to be able to have gotten such amazing work.

  • Peony

    This tattoo made me for more like myself in a sense that I feel it suits me and expresses the type of styles i’m into.

  • The Healing Flower

    I have suffered most of my teenage years with self hate, self doubt, and self love. I have lost who I am over the years but I am now finding out who I am, and I am healing. I am… [ read more ]

  • Botans for Sydney

    It is two peonies, in Japanese they’re called Botans. It was to represent my daughter and me together forever.

  • Las Peonias

    I had a large scar on my hip from being violently thrown out of a car. It was a painful memory, and getting this tattoo was a beautiful healing experience.

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