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  • Flying Phoenix

    Based on one of my favorite poems by May Sarton “…You cannot call it old, You cannot call it young, No phoenix can be told, This is the end of the song. It struggles now alone, Against death and self-doubt,… [ read more ]

  • Laura Polson

    **Artwork by Ethan Radcliffe **Photography by Rayleigh Leavitt After enduring an extremely violent relationship for a year, I wanted a phoenix to represent my transition into my life after abuse. The phoenix really represents, to me, freedom, loss of self,… [ read more ]

  • La Fenice

    My phoenix signifies my rebirth from the girl I was a few years ago during some horrible experiences at university. From those ashes I rose a stronger, fiery woman, yet I still bear the scars from my past. This beautiful… [ read more ]

  • Abstract Phoenix in a tuxedo

    This piece was a creative challenge I was happy to overcome. It is unique, one of a kind and fun.

  • Thunder Chicken

    Had a dream of this image and decided to go with it. Done by Permanent Mark who at the time owned Black Wider Tattoo in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan

  • Noi Siamese 3

    Its beautiful and u love it.

  • Phoenix 2


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