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  • sleeve

    It shows my inner strength

  • Phoenix

    I have had many obstacles in my life that I have had to overcome. This tattoo signifies that when these obstacles happened, I could’ve gone down a different path other than overcoming them and I decided to choose what my… [ read more ]

  • The Girl With The Phoenix Tattoo

    A phoenix is symbolic for rebirth and growth. The story behind a phoenix is that they die however they are reborn again with their own ashes. I think that is so awesome especially since I believe when we die we… [ read more ]

  • Phoenix emerging from broken skull full sleeve

    Phoenix emerging from broken skull full sleeve. Done by Ben Lucas ( ) Eye of Jade Tattoo in Chico, CA, U.S.A.

  • Emily Rose Valentine

  • Phoenix

    Rise up!

  • Phoenix Backpiece

    I’m a sucker for ink! I like tattoos espicialy colorfull backpiece on a girl and asian influenced tattoos….. Its body art and it match my colorful personality!