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  • phoenix of hope

    Well a phoenix will always reincarnate in his own ashes and its the symbol of hope So I put this all together so i would never loose hope

  • Phoenix

    The phoenix dying and arising from the flames after 3 days has many similarities with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jason Smith The Studio Tattoo 634 vernon St Roseville, CA 95678

  • I dare you

    It’s just art. I don’t get tattoos for meanings. I get tattoos to be a canvas. My artist tells me it all relates to me (he pretty much knows me better than i do myself) and he always tells me… [ read more ]

  • Phoenix

  • Phoenix Rising

    After a 25 year relationship and marriage, my hubby took off with another woman and actually wanted to keep us both. I got this to look at everyday so I would remember that I can and will come out of… [ read more ]

  • Phoenix

    My higher power.


    I got the cross when I was “going through a phase” at 19, now, at age 26, I recently overcame cervical and ovarian cancer, and this Phoenix represented my fight, and that I will always rise from the ashes, no… [ read more ]

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