• Phoenix side-piece

  • Phoenix Back Piece

    I am a former anorexic and not only have I gained a healthy perspective about my body image but I’m now a gym owner and I’m into bodybuilding. My phoenix signifies my rise out of that darkness and conquering that… [ read more ]

  • Phoenix

    Everyone has times in their life that they will go through hell. The Phoenix has so many different meanings but it is the most beautiful “bird” creature with wings like flames that will burn up when needed and be reborn…. [ read more ]

  • phoenix

    never give up.

  • Phoenix

    The phoenix is a fiery bird that flies, burns up into flames, and becomes a pile of ashes. From those ashes, it rises again. When times are tough for me, my mother is the one who helps me persevere and… [ read more ]

  • Tribal Phoenixes

    The phoenix is a symbol for being reborn. I designed this tattoo specifically to show that through personal struggles and pain, I am reborn into a new creative woman.

  • Phoenix for a derby girl

    This was about moving on in my life and signifies the positive changes in me Photographer: John Dark-Wolf Photography


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