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  • Alice defeats the Jabberwocky

    Alice defeating the Jabberwocky represents myself overcoming/slaying some of my own demons. I also had my artist draw a pin-up version of Alice b/c who doesn’t want a sexy lady on their arm? Also, I wanted her to represent my… [ read more ]

  • Airplane pinup

  • Ariel

    So many memories of watching the little mermaid with my grandmother and uncle, i loved it.

  • Cinderella

    i am quite Disney obsessed, and hope to get a whole sleeve. i grew up watching Disney movies with my grandmother and ive been in love ever since

  • We do it better

    This tattoo symbolizes a chapter of my life. It also shows that womencan be beautiful and work on cars and fix then better. It sumbolizes that women can be great in anything they fight for, no matter the profession.

  • pin up

    Pinup witch=awesome

  • Roses of Blue

    The tattoo started out as just patchwork all over. Skull with a cross and wings to represent a fallen friend from the war, a pin up girl for the Army and last name in old english. The roses and rest… [ read more ]

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