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  • Lips & Skull n Crossbones

    just for fun at 1 of our tattoo parties we’ve had

  • A Little Taste of Death

    Something to remember them by.

  • Vagina Rose

    I’ve always thought rose tattoo’s looked like vagina…

  • the final frontier

    Helps me understand there I no limit to what we can achieve when we really want something

  • Roses for Rose

    These we’re made or my Little sister and niece named Rose.

  • Monochrome rose half sleeve

    This is my big work of art I got after a nasty divorce!

  • Flowers and Bees back piece

    This is my fourth tattoo and I designed it with the artist, Adam, at studio 38 in Bradford, UK. The bees have a lot of significance for me and I am really happy with this so far! Hopefully will add… [ read more ]

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