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  • tu me manques

    It is in remembrance of my grandpa. He always had a pocket watch on him and all of my cousins (im the only girl) got one from him before he passed. He was loke my dad and my angel.

  • time piece

  • grandparents

    My grandma loves roses, my grandpa would always carry his old school pocket watch, and the time on the watch is the month and year he passed away <3

  • “Lift Me Up” by Aldo Gallegos: Archetype Demographic Studio/Gallery-Albuquerque, NM

    This tattoo marks a personal landmark for me. The time on the watch is 1:22 and actually represents a significant date for me: January 22nd. The flowers represent two of the strongest women in my life. The sunflower is for… [ read more ]

  • Memorial Tattoo

    This was a memorial piece for my brother who passed away from diabetes complications. The music note is combined with the diabetes ribbon. This signifies my brothers battle with diabetes and his love of music. The clock represents his time… [ read more ]

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  • tattoo010

    Stop waisting time and go get it