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  • Chest tattoo

    This tattoo means the world to me, it signifies my birth whilst the clock face contains my parents initials. It’s personal and I think also very beautiful

  • pocket watch

  • The Right Rabbit.

    My first tattoo and the start of a wonderland inspired leg sleeve. In the rose is my nans birthdate as she was always there to show me the beauty in the little things and loves Alice in Wonderland as much… [ read more ]

  • Pocket Watch

    Another Amazing Tattoo by Mr. Ace Celebrity Tattoo & Body Piercing , Lakewood, Colorado.

  • Time Heals All Wounds

    No matter what happens in life, you will always move forward. The pain you feel at any given moment will always lessen over time. Time will heal all wounds. Maybe not completely, but enough for you to make it by… [ read more ]

  • tu me manques

    It is in remembrance of my grandpa. He always had a pocket watch on him and all of my cousins (im the only girl) got one from him before he passed. He was loke my dad and my angel.

  • time piece

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