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  • Walk Beside Me

    Story of my life on skin

  • tahitian bracelet tatoo

    this tatoo combines saveral significance, each symbols represents a special significance, first top left is cherish the extend family (friends, family…). at top second from left is dedicate for traveller and backpackers. at top the third from left is: the… [ read more ]

  • Pink and grey sugar skull and lotus flower

    The skull represents death or closing a chapter in life and the lotus flower represents rebirth or new beginnings. So the flower coming out of the skull symbolizes to me the chance for a new with every ending….it’s hope to… [ read more ]

  • Tribal wings

    Is my biggest tattoo, I love the shape and the fact that one ‘wing’ is mandala very delicate and the opposite is tribal quite thick, also part of it was redesigned by me so is personalised like all the dot… [ read more ]

  • mandala poly tribal

    symbolizes the aesthetic reasoning for a persons creativity.

  • Vegas Baby

    I’m a great craps player! & my Polynesian tattoos represent my family lineage!

  • polynesian sleeve

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