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  • Shanna, by Tommy Boy Hines. Portland, OR

  • Ruby Rose

    The love I have for Ruby Rose

  • The Joker

    Heath Ledger was the best joker and had a lot of fun producing it

  • Johnny Lawrence from the Karate Kid

  • Wednesday 13 by Will Smink

    I got this done a little over a month after meeting Wednesday in January. He’s been such a huge influence on my style and way of thinking for about 10 or 11 years now, he was even more amazing in… [ read more ]

  • Toka Bear

    My dogs are my life. I finally decided to breed breed her to one of my male. She had her litter and eight days later she passed away. My girlfriend and I bottle fed all her puppies. All of them… [ read more ]

  • The Dark Side

    “The Force is strong with this one.” I have been a die-hard fan since I was a little one, thought it was time to pay some respect to my main man!

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