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  • Scene but not heard

    I was inspired to create a piece that was bright, soft, and exhibited the “scene” feel, with the contrast of never quite fitting in.

  • Religious Sleeve

    This sleeve was designed to be in memory and honor of several family members who battled cancer, and my Dad, who lost that battle. Chris Barton from Sacred Heart Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia, did an amazing job designing this piece,… [ read more ]

  • silent nurse

    I am a psychiatric nurse and love tattoos. This tattoo seemed to fit my personality pperfectly. It’s a twist on the silent hill nurses

  • frodo portrait

    did this one at a client that loves lord of the ring portrait of elijah wood

  • James Hetfield by Fanel Alexe

    Represents my love for rock and guitars, I didn’t want a tribute to a certain artist, just a scene of a badass shredding and loved this photo of Hetfield.

  • Joe

    The Clash is one of my favorite bands and, in my opinion, one of the most influential groups of all time for rock and roll. Joe Stummer is a legend and his music continues to shape me. Each album has… [ read more ]

  • 3 angels

    When I left my babies to work in New Zealand I had them imprinted on to my body

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