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  • 3 angels

    When I left my babies to work in New Zealand I had them imprinted on to my body

  • Top Colorado Portrait

    Mr. Ace once again impress us with his amazing skills , this realism portrait is rated 10/10. One of the best portraits in the state of Colorado, Mr. Ace a Cali tattoo artist humble moves his way up, as one… [ read more ]

  • My love

    I met my boyfriend when I was 16, and by the time I was 18 we were in love. He passed away from cancer and I got this portrait of him so he will always be by my side. He… [ read more ]

  • Slipknot – Corey Taylor

    Check Rick James out @ Think Ink in St. Joseph, MO

  • Charles Bronson

    Its Charles Bronson

  • Freddy Kreuger

    My father was a huge nightmare on elm street fan with tons of memorabilia and costumes and masks. When he passed away in 2004 i was ony 12. When i turned 21 i got this piece to remind me of… [ read more ]

  • penny wise

    love horror icons

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