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  • Frankenstein progress shot

    i am a huge fan of all the early universal monster movies! and also a big fan of mary shelleys original movel also.

  • Native American Hand Portrait

    This tattoo symbolizes my nationality. The roman numerals are the year my mother was born. MAZA CHANTE means “metal heart” in my tribe.

  • My Portrait of Love by Jeffrey Ian Poehls

    This portrait means the world to me because it’s my first born son. His name is Drake. I wanted something that really captured who he is and what better way than to simply showcase his handsome face on me. I… [ read more ]

  • A pound of flesh

    This is the first pound of flesh is the first one I tried and it came with a lot of trial and error, as anyone who has tried to put a stencil on one of these. Portrait is of Bob… [ read more ]

  • brian clough portrait

    The first colour portrait i attempted

  • tottoo by juntats (inkflames)

    Its my baby..

  • tottoo by juntats (inkflames)

    Its my baby..