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  • Czech Shepherd Zoe

    This tattoo is my most memorable piece so far. This is a portrait of my czech working line shepherd Zoe who has been with me through thick and thin. Through an addiction that took me to hell and back. She… [ read more ]

  • Marilyn Monroe

    This is a tattoo portrait of Marilyn Monroe that I did on my ex girlfriend’s thigh.

  • Grandpa

    This is for my grandpa who passed away two nights ago. I would love it if y’all put it on y’all’s site as would my grandpa, an my tattoo artist. Thank y’all!

  • Grandpa ( passed away two days ago)

    This is my absolute favorite tattoo. My grandpa passed Away two nights ago an when he did this was my first thing to do. I know he would love it, so I just wanted to share it with y’all. Thank… [ read more ]

  • Honest Abe @markfreitasart on Instagram did this in one session.

  • Native American

    At a very young age, my grandmother contacted meningitis. She survived, but it left her without the ability to speak. Art was her main form of communication. This is one of her pieces about her heritage.

  • Day of the Dead