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  • tottoo by juntats (inkflames)

    Its my baby..

  • Briana Portrait

    This is my dauther…

  • Mysterious pope by Qtattoo Lee

    By Dongkyu Lee aka Q. At Cloak & Dagger Tattoo in London.

  • My First Tattoo

    This is my First tattoo i got while i was in Las Vegas. It was done by Emiliano Gabaldon at Hart & Huntington Tattoo. I went in there with an idea of what i wanted and he brought it to… [ read more ]

  • Marie Antionette: “Let Them Eat Cake”

    As an entertainer, I understand being a contradiction. I sacrafice myself for others, as Miss Marie Antionette did as well. Plus, I intend to live like her some day and eat all the cake I want!

  • Chris “BIRDMAN” Andresen

  • The Masterful Jack White

    This tattoo was an amazing way to pay homage to one of the greatest guitar players ever to exist and my long-time favorite musician, Jack White. The tattoo plays on the theme of “Good vs. Evil” as a nod to… [ read more ]