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  • audrey hepburn colour portrait

    Part of an in progress leg sleeve of iconic females.

  • 1940s portrait of grandmother

    A memorial tattoo for my grandmother.

  • black and grey portrait

    Start of my second sleeve

  • Joeys’ Portrait

    My son, Joey, passed away at 22 months old on March 13th, 2013. This portrait tattoo was actually “donated” to me by my tattoo artist, Bear, when he heard the news of what happened. In thepicture it was actually drawn… [ read more ]

  • Michael Keaton Batman

    I’ve been wanting to tattoo this image on someone for years, I grew up loving the movie, so I did the tattoo for free so I can get it out there for people to see my capabilities in tattooing hyper… [ read more ]

  • Marilyn Monroe

    She’s a beautiful person

  • War pony

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