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  • Dog Portrait

  • baby portrait

  • Ash

    Evil dead is my favorite. Bruce Campbell is awesome. My artist Steve Ropp does amazing horror portraits

  • The pit bull (first session)

    This is an animal that is very important to my client.she had to do it in two sessions so its unfinished but anything that means something to my clients means something to me

  • Good v evil

    The struggle of good against bad and making the right decisions done by Kev Heath cross street tattoo

  • Maynard James Keenan

    As one of the biggest TOOL and APC fans out there. Maynard lyrics and voice have been an emotional go to place for me for the past two decades. Some of his songs and lyrics constantly hit home to me…. [ read more ]

  • Eminem mural with favorite song added to bottom

    Ive been a collecter of eminem since 1997. I have an autographed mic and i wanted it on me and i wanted his face with the background of his own tat he has. Quote from 8 mile which meshes in… [ read more ]

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