• daughters dad

    My daughters father passed away in 2011. I got it so she would always know her daddy. It is black and grey and it will be fading into color on my bicep. It’s over halfway done and the bicep only… [ read more ]

  • Portrait sleeve

  • “Kyle”

    This is a portrait done of my brother Kyle who recently passed away last year. This tattoo looks exactly like my brother so much sometimes it makes my mom cry. It was so important to me to be able to… [ read more ]

  • Punchy

    My tricolour pitbill 8 years old

  • Tin Tin

    My rotty x staffy I had for 14.5 years

  • Baby Ella R.I.P.

    This 3 yr old girl was beaten by a guy during a roid rage! She was life flighted and passed 3 days later! This was done right before her funeral! Rest in peace Gabriella!

  • Zombies

    This tattoo is a portrait of each of my daughters done as zombies . Hear no evil, head phones ,see no evil , maggots in place of eyes and speak no evil , mouth sewn shut. My wife and children… [ read more ]