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  • Tin Tin

    My rotty x staffy I had for 14.5 years

  • Baby Ella R.I.P.

    This 3 yr old girl was beaten by a guy during a roid rage! She was life flighted and passed 3 days later! This was done right before her funeral! Rest in peace Gabriella!

  • Zombies

    This tattoo is a portrait of each of my daughters done as zombies . Hear no evil, head phones ,see no evil , maggots in place of eyes and speak no evil , mouth sewn shut. My wife and children… [ read more ]

  • Carlos

  • Tribute to my great grandparents

    This tattoo is significant because back in 2010 two days before i was to graduate high school my house caught fire in the kitchen. I was planing on getting these tattooed on my arm before it happened, but before i… [ read more ]

  • beatles

  • beatles