• Painted Eye

    Ive always wanted an eye tattoo but something different. I saw something similar to this and had to have it done.

  • Sunflower and butterfly

    My love for beauty, nature and feminism.

  • Cowgirl CoverUp

    I had a terrible tattoo of a terrible memory that needed to be gone so I chose to cover it up with something all about me.

  • Lighthouse

    I wanted something to match up with the bible verse I already had tattooed in my foot.

  • Aztec Mermaid

    Beautiful mermaid to represent love for the ocean and freedom of the sea.

  • disney princess sleeve

    It’s an nostalgic thing really i grew up with Disney and now its growing up with me, so many different people can relate to Disney as it is so recognizable across a wide range of ages and people.

  • Pretty Pitbull

    Pitbulls are awesome dogs and they need to be seen for what they are; kind, loving, loyal and beautiful!