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  • Orchids ribs

    This was my first tattoo… I was 17, I became friends with a couple of the guys at Cadallic Tattoo on Rising Sun. One day I convinced my mom to sign off on the tattoo for me. The orchids represent… [ read more ]

  • elephant flash water color tattoo

    Baby elephant tattoo done by C.K. Tattoo. Location: Athens, Greece Studio: Black Revolver It’s the youth, the madness, the purity i have as a person and i always wanna remember myself playfull.

  • Purple Lipped Demon Girl

    My Dark Side. Part of what will be a full sleeve by Rob C of Valley Ink Fortitude Valley Brisbane Australia

  • Corset

    I came up with the idea for this tattoo back in 2005 and had it done in 2006. The top of the corset is supposed to be HR Giger style, with my skin, bones, tendons and muscles being pulled from… [ read more ]

  • The ancient tree

    I have several tattoos but this one is the most meaningful of them all. It’s a most cherished family “portrait”, originally and beautifully done by Orlando Gonçalves (Vila Real, Portugal).

  • Purple Rose

    First coloured tattoo

  • Koi fishy

    i’ve learn to swim before i could walk when i was very young, water was always a comfort place for me, and my astrology sign is pisces ; THE ARTIST IS ; cynthea tattoo artist [ she’s on facebook ]

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