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  • favorite quote

    It is my favorite quote with some of my favorite flowers.

  • Life is no Nintendo game

    From Eminem and Rhiannas song Love The Way You Lie, this particular quote reminds me to live my life to the fullest because you only get one chance, one life, unlike a Nintendo game. It also give me great joy… [ read more ]

  • Superbia in proelia

  • Loved lost

    It is a quote from my best friend who lost his life. He said my life was like a movie with ending changing but I would always mean everything to him.

  • Shakespeare

    I have struggled all my life, I was born a month permature, weighing only 3lbs. I had to stay in the hospitaly in incubation for a month for tests and to gain weight etc. So I’ve been short my whole… [ read more ]

  • “For the ones I love I will Sacrifice”

    My little sister and I both got this tattoo together. We are very close. Our family may have some bad arguments at times and not speak to one another for a while but at the end of the day its… [ read more ]

  • I’ll always trade me for you

    This tattoo I got for my little brother who is my other half,my best friend, my everything! He’s in prison and has been for four years now and has seven to eight years left. It devistated me when he was… [ read more ]

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