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  • Flower piece

  • Celtic Thistle

    I am a quarter Scottish and I want to always remember my roots are in Scotland. The national flower of Scotland is the thistle. I also am a fan of JRR Tolkien, and I included a quote of his to… [ read more ]

  • Fight Club

    My favorite movie and quote from that movie and book. A reminder that we can’t let life get us down, because we’re all on the brim of insanity.

  • Sonnet 17 Pablo Neruda

    It is a love poem written by Pablo Neruda. I heard this poem being recited by Robin Williams in the movie Patch Adams and just fell in love with it. It helped me to know that someone out there someday… [ read more ]

  • Half body koi fish

    My tattoo means the world to me. I have an a tough life and my koi symbolizes that I made it though just like the koi this in the river swimming up stream. It wasn’t easy but, it was worth… [ read more ]

  • halo to horns

    This tattoo signifies a change in character for myself, not necessarily bad. A new beginning filled with confidence and beauty. Tattooed by Cynthia Finch!

  • my life quote

    Help me let the my struggles go

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