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  • halo to horns

    This tattoo signifies a change in character for myself, not necessarily bad. A new beginning filled with confidence and beauty. Tattooed by Cynthia Finch!

  • my life quote

    Help me let the my struggles go

  • Writing is Life

    Knowing that I’ve wanted to be an Author since I was 13 years old, I decided that getting a tattoo that reflects my love for writing was a great way to go.

  • rafa


  • quote

    a moment in my life

  • Sidepiece

    It says “Only God can judge me.” I don’t believe that people should be so quick to judge, that’s why I have it! -Mischa Joligard

  • Ruthle$$

    At some point in our lives we are ruthless. If not about everything about certain things. I for one am ruthless when it comes to my money, family, and friends. If you hurt them or take from me I’ll be… [ read more ]

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