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  • Bluebird by Charles Bukowski

    I’m a huge fan of Bukowski’s. I love his work, but this is my favorite.

  • Side-bub tattoo

  • Miscarriage quote

    My husband and Iost a baby two years ago. I almost died from the whole ordeal and needed to undergo emergency surgery. From the moment we discovered I was pregnant, we were so happy and excited. This was my healing… [ read more ]

  • Strong

  • Big Ben

    I got this tattoo because Peter Pan is my favorite character and story. I made him a skeleton because he never really got to live. Also, because I have a fascination with what might happen after we die. In the… [ read more ]

  • Trust Your Struggle

    It reminds me that no matter what life puts you through, there’s always a better outcome.

  • Fight Off Your Demons

    Rib Tattoo: Jason Dixon Sleeve: Ryan Ashley Malarkey

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