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  • Beautiful Disaster

    The beginning of my journey to have a full sleeve and chest piece

  • Skulls and Roses

    Skulls and flowers represent beautiful, colorful life and death

  • Bows and ribbon

    Stands out sexy and it’s not something Iv seen before

  • A Balanced Life

    It is a constant reminder to “Free Yourself” so often we get lost in the rules of society and the influence of the media. You just need to let that go and be yourself.

  • Family

    My family means everything to me and that’s something you don’t see often these days. I know that I will love them for all my life, that’s why they are worth being on me forever. “Family First” “Family Strong”

  • Strength of a Fighter

    Represents that I can make it through anything thrown my way, made it through abuse as a teenager and got this when I turned 19.

  • 313109_2285632812672_750724013

    I feel when we give ourselves over to belief systems we limit our scope for intelligent creative thinking, so it is better to understand everything and either agree or disagree. This is what it means to me, it’s the way… [ read more ]