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  • Side Piece

  • tonyas inspiration

    This quote is something I always use to say to my boyfriend…. if i woulda never tryed letting my guard down i woulda never knew how much i could love somebody again……if u never try, you”ll never know….

  • Side-bub tattoo

  • Quote to live by

    These are personal quotes that I have chosen to live by. To be my reminder and signify the life lessons that were learned the hard way.

  • white ink tattoo

    Its a quote my husband and I both liked and had tattooed on us. Almost like searching and finding your soulmate.

  • Quotes Fall Out Boy

    I like quotes with a profond sense. And this quotes is important for people don’t forget important things…

  • Knee highs w/ a Thigh high

    This tattoo is a bunch of different quotes i have selected that hold more meaning than what meets the eye.

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