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  • neck piece Artist Liz Cook

    I’ve always admired the concept behind de los muertos (Day of the dead). The Celebration rather than the mourning of those passed away. Liz Cook was the perfect artist for this piece!!

  • Sun Buffalo

    This was a breakthrough piece for me. It definitely is my first career defining tattoo and I am very proud of it.

  • Black and grey rose filler

    This work shows my improvement as an artist. I have been working hard to learn and grow in doing what I love and this is one of the first pieces that really shows what I can do if I work… [ read more ]

  • All Over

    My body is my canvas for art.

  • Mommys Pride & Joy

    My sons exact handprints, being on my right arm represents he is my right hand man.

  • Fear and Loathing

    This was my first step in a realistic direction with tattoos, I had a lot of fun doing it, and I wish to continue doing more realism tattoos.

  • Courage

    One of the few animal tattoos I’ve ever done.

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