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  • Mr Price

    Huge fan of Vincent Price. My wife Barb Brown of ForEvermore Tattoos in Ontario ,Canada did this wonderful piece for me. I fell in love with Vincent Price when I was a small boy and saw him on the Muppets.

  • Back piece

    Reminds me how lucky I am

  • Back piece

    Reminds me how lucky I am

  • Flowers and Bees back piece

    This is my fourth tattoo and I designed it with the artist, Adam, at studio 38 in Bradford, UK. The bees have a lot of significance for me and I am really happy with this so far! Hopefully will add… [ read more ]

  • Eye Portrait

    This is a portrait of my son’s eye. It was done by Glory at Inkestry Tattoo in Livermore, California. I have had a few tattoos done by him and am never disappointed. Always does awesome work. Could not be more… [ read more ]

  • Bee’s Knee’s

    My opinion of most tattoos I see!!

  • White tiger

    The tiger is significant to me because it symbolizes personal strength courage and will power along with the fact that it is my favorite animal.