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  • The Walking Dead

    This tattoo was the most challenging project I have attempted to date. It’s packed with details, and completely saturated. I custom drew the design to fit my client’s requests. Over 30 hours of work later, this is my final product.

  • Ray Allen Game 6

    It is the best shot in NBA history. Lebron’s legacy depended on this shot, and who could predict if the team would have went separate ways if Ray Allen did not make this shot. Spurs were only 20 seconds away… [ read more ]

  • Sam Cuthbert – Frog

    This was my first go at colour realism

  • Rose Coverup

    When I was 18, I impulsively had a fairy tattooed on my back. I hated it immediately. I visited various artists to try to fix it, but it was a complete failure. I even had laser sessions done to remove… [ read more ]

  • ship

  • True love never dies

    I asked my husband for a special first anniversary gift. So he created a self portrait of his tattooed hand holding my favorite flower as my surprise gift. His hand will forever be on my thigh until death do us… [ read more ]

  • Amanda Stiles

    Memorial portrait of the late grandfather of Dylan Willis, Tattoo by Amanda Stiles, Morristown, TN

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