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  • Old Man Tattoo

    Every realism tattoo I do is a progress for me. This was a leap

  • Ninja Turtle Mikey – Tattoo by Uriel Rangel Fernandez from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

    This was dedicated to my son, he loves Mikey from Ninja Turtles and I so did I when I was his age.

  • black and grey portrait

    Start of my second sleeve

  • Spider Skull

    This tattoo was a lot of fun for me. I did this tattoo on a client that comes to get tattooed by me every Friday at 6 o’clock. This tattoo’s subject matter is right up my alley!

  • City of The O

    I was born and raised in Oceanside California, and I love my home. Everyone knows Everyone we are like one big family. We are a beach loving, locals only inspired fun.

  • Wild

  • Michael Keaton Batman

    I’ve been wanting to tattoo this image on someone for years, I grew up loving the movie, so I did the tattoo for free so I can get it out there for people to see my capabilities in tattooing hyper… [ read more ]