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  • Family Dog

    It is a very large leap in my color realism & it was a walk-in on an open minded client!

  • San Michele Tatuaggio realistico Marco Pepe Encre Tattoo Napoli

    Tatuaggio statua San Michele Arcangelo, eseguito da Marco Pepe Encre Tattoo studio Napoli Italia, tatuaggio realistico. Realism s. Michael angel, done by Marco Pepe at the encre tattoo in italy ,naples

  • Lionsky

    This is my own design. One and only. Combination of 3 animals.

  • Shoulder Skull

    Realism and perfection

  • Heart

    The first heart i tattooed

  • Custom mandala roses

    Aside the aesthetics, it is a classic piece that anyone can relate to., signifying a perfect unity and balance through symmetric details of geometric lines. This particular piece is one of my favorites from all the beautiful inks I do… [ read more ]

  • Wolf