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  • Feathers

    OKC ink life tour 2015 Absolute tattoo Vinita, Ok

  • Chelsea Grin inspired addition to sleevd

    This is a part of my sleeve in progress which is a hell theme, a goat on a throne with people worshiping him and people suffering. There is no real special meaning to me other than satanism and just the… [ read more ]

  • My Love for the Sea

    This is a large piece that is only getting bigger! It has been a vision I have had since I could comprehend what a tattoo is so it finally coming alive means a lot to me. All the pain and… [ read more ]

  • Dali

    Salvador Dali has always been my #1 inspiration in my arts.

  • Third Dimension

    The roman numerals are the birthday’s of my parents, the patterns/mandalas represent the universe and the roses represent timeless beauty.

  • Striped Rose

  • Forget me not

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