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  • No heart on my sleeve

    I’m very inspired Edger Allen Poe’s work. So this tattoo holds a big spot in my heart (ironically). It’s inspired from the story “the tell-tale heart”. So to me it reminded me to always have sanity on my back.

  • At. Christopher

    Great religious fun tattoo to do.

  • Light house

    Last piece of my black and grey sleeve, it’s beautiful I couldn’t have imagined it any more perfect.

  • Vintage skull with rose and jewels

    The meaning of the skull is the change that my life had in recent times, the rose near the ear recalls my hairstyle, the old jewels are related to my passion for vintage and art decò elements represent my passion… [ read more ]

  • Tattoo by Heavygold Chris @ink injection in spring tx

    Family tattoo

  • half sleeve first sitting with sitting with seunghyun

  • Kingfisher sleave

    IT represants how Proud i am with my three girls

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