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  • Revolution

    Every tattoo that i do has great meaning and significance. Being a 23 year old female tattoo artist, with each of my works, brings me one step closer to my goal “to inspire and be inspired”.

  • Freddy Keuger

    Done By Nathan Varney follow him on FB or IG @nathanvarneyart

  • Wolverine

  • monroe motion blur

  • Gun & Garter

    This tattoo is my favorite of all of my tattoos! It draws the most attention because of how real it looks, and it makes me feel sexy! It was done by my boyfriend and tattoo artist: Jeffery James of Eternal… [ read more ]

  • Sally,skulls,bee,bat,flowers

    These are all images tattooed from me, as an artist in my field I take pride in the work I do and would love to show appreciation for my clients

  • Marilyn Monroe portrait