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  • My husband and myself with our artist.

    We love our tattoos and some of the positive reactions we get from the public.

  • My Face Tattoos

    I love nature and beauty, and I believe my tattoos have both.

  • All Seeing Eye

    This is my all seeing eye, and a lot of people just don’t get it.

  • Red sun, Red moon, Red disc

    This tattoo, to me shows the beauty and serenity that this land, people, and the ancients. The name of the Great Queen means “Beautiful”. 18th Dynasty, Royal Age. Nefertari’s was the great royal life of the heretic king, Akenenaten and… [ read more ]

  • James Hetfield by Fanel Alexe

    Represents my love for rock and guitars, I didn’t want a tribute to a certain artist, just a scene of a badass shredding and loved this photo of Hetfield.

  • Hotrod and Skull by Fanel Alexe

  • salvador dali

    Doing this tattoo for a good friend brought us together on our early education and introduction to Fine Art.

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