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  • Carnation in Memory of my Mother

    My mother passed away 5 years ago; I got this tattoo in memory of her because carnations were her favorite flower.

  • Lady Liberty

    That freedom is never free and the price we pay for freedom is often dark.

  • The Eye

  • Hand tattoo by Ad burt at 2 guns tattoos, west mids, UK, ANDY MURPHY

    It looks absolutely amazing.

  • Predator

    As I am a new tattoo artist, with only a few years under my belt, this piece is stretching my boundaries and doing color realism. Taking the step I would like my career path to go in.

  • Scott Weiland

    Modify Tattoo, Tattoo by Amanda Stiles, Morristown TN 423.438.7333

  • Indian Mistress

    This is a custom piece I designed for a younger gentleman who needed a quote “hot indian chick” so this is what we came up with. Amanda Stiles Modify Tattoo & Piercing Co. 423.438.7333

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