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  • Come and take it

    This was my clients first tattoo. He wanted this piece to show a nostalgic stance on a modern problem concerning gun rights. In greek the script would read “come and take it” Please let me know via email if this… [ read more ]

  • Elephant by Andrew Patterson at Avenue tattoo studio. Wichita Falls, tx.

  • zombie

  • Lighthouse tattoo

    I did this tattoo by looking at a picture. Took 3 sessions. I am on Instagram @markfreitasart or mark freitas in Vacaville,ca

  • Twiggy

    Twiggy And for me one of the greatest symbols of fashion! Made by tattoo artist Ubiratan Sousa in brazil.

  • Native American

    At a very young age, my grandmother contacted meningitis. She survived, but it left her without the ability to speak. Art was her main form of communication. This is one of her pieces about her heritage.

  • Dia de Los muertos Elvis Presley

    I am a huge Presley fan! Grew up listening to his music.