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  • Back piece

    Reminds me how lucky I am

  • Flowers and Bees back piece

    This is my fourth tattoo and I designed it with the artist, Adam, at studio 38 in Bradford, UK. The bees have a lot of significance for me and I am really happy with this so far! Hopefully will add… [ read more ]

  • Eye Portrait

    This is a portrait of my son’s eye. It was done by Glory at Inkestry Tattoo in Livermore, California. I have had a few tattoos done by him and am never disappointed. Always does awesome work. Could not be more… [ read more ]

  • Bee’s Knee’s

    My opinion of most tattoos I see!!

  • White tiger

    The tiger is significant to me because it symbolizes personal strength courage and will power along with the fact that it is my favorite animal.

  • Family Dog

    It is a very large leap in my color realism & it was a walk-in on an open minded client!

  • San Michele Tatuaggio realistico Marco Pepe Encre Tattoo Napoli

    Tatuaggio statua San Michele Arcangelo, eseguito da Marco Pepe Encre Tattoo studio Napoli Italia, tatuaggio realistico. Realism s. Michael angel, done by Marco Pepe at the encre tattoo in italy ,naples