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  • The Last Supper

  • Realistic Eagle Tattoo

    One of the best realistic tattoos that I have done.

  • Realistic Lion Tattoo

    One of my best Photo-realistic Tattoos.

  • Spartan Warrior Tattoo

    My Client wanted a warrior tattoo on his inner arm. He had an idea of having his face and a spartan helmet. So I did a photoshoot of his to get the right expression and lights which will make the… [ read more ]

  • Tiger Half Face

    This tattoo was done on another artist that we used to have around the shop so he asked me o do this 5hour tattoo on him. In a since i wish alot of artirts out there would reconsider another artists… [ read more ]

  • Heart on my sleeve

    The end of an emotionally abusive relationship

  • Greek Goth Sleeve

    A rebirth of myself and showing what I have passion for by wearing Greek gods and history. Nothing was more powerful and they commanded everyone to praise them. Amazing that culture followed blindly Done by Travis King @ Prophecy Ink… [ read more ]

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