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  • Captain Spaulding…Girl Face

    Love Doing Horror Images…Cant Wait for the next client to come threw the door wanting a sick piece…..UNDER THE GUN tattoo studio…..Roanoke Va…540-314-6612)….540-561-0710

  • Butterfly

  • Morrissey

    This portrait signifies my love and obsession with Morrissey and how his music resonates with me. I am in love with his words, voice, and charisma. His words captivate my soul.

  • Hand tattoo by Ad burt at 2 guns tattoos, west mids, UK, ANDY MURPHY

    It looks absolutely amazing.

  • Release

    This is a piece that holds very close to me. I had drawn the sketch for it and knew I needed someone who deserved the piece, so we went back and did research on a “Likes” competition we had at… [ read more ]

  • City of The O

    I was born and raised in Oceanside California, and I love my home. Everyone knows Everyone we are like one big family. We are a beach loving, locals only inspired fun.

  • Mystic fairies

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