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  • Death by a Rose

    The rose was done by wonderful artist Yasmine Anderson, it was placed at her discretion. I love roses and wanted a realistic rose and so I went with this. The heart is a fun little tattoo that I have always… [ read more ]

  • Global Roses

    I have always wanted to travel the world. So for me, having a globe states my passion for travel.

  • Sharked!

    I was recently on the show Shark Tank and got this tattoo to symbolize the success that me and an my partners had on the show.

  • tiger

    i did it what else

  • DarkSpider

    I’m a fan of tattoos!

  • Tattoo by Lubos

  • Zombie Boy

    I love Zombie Boy and was offered to have this tattoo done so I jumped on the chance to have this gorgeous man tattooed on me!

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