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  • Buddha color tattoo


  • The Lord is my Sheild

    This is my third tattoo and it has a lot of deep meaning behind it, but basically I’m like the girl and the hands are the Lord’s holding me and the wings are the Angels surrounding me in my life… [ read more ]

  • My motto in life

    This is my second of three tattoos I have it is inspired by two Skillet songs that are my motto in life Never Surrender and Salvation cause Jesus has always been number one in my life he saved me and… [ read more ]

  • Music My First Love

    In my life music has always been huge and also my faith in Jesus so I thought of an idea had an artist sketch it and then it became my first tattoo and I love it

  • CTR: choose the right

    CTR stands for choose the right. The CTR shield is a symbol worn often times in rings by Mormon youth. However, Mormons are not supposed to get tattoos so this holds quite a bit of irony

  • Yahweh

    This was my first tattoo. It says Yahweh (or Adonai in Hebrew), which is a Hebrew word for the Lord/Messiah. Spiritual elevation and religion are my driving forces in life, and most of my tattoos follow this theme. I got… [ read more ]

  • Heaven on Earth

    living on earth as happy as we can be