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  • Religious Sleeve

    This sleeve was designed to be in memory and honor of several family members who battled cancer, and my Dad, who lost that battle. Chris Barton from Sacred Heart Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia, did an amazing job designing this piece,… [ read more ]

  • Weeping Angel

    Chris Barton, from Sacred Heart Tattoo-Little Five Points (Atlanta, GA), designed my sleeve, and this was the first piece of it. Chris did an amazing job, was a pleasure to work with, and really captured the emotion and feelings that… [ read more ]

  • Mary

  • Bird of values

    It signifies all of life’s morals that mean something to me.

  • Mary and skull

    Represent life and death

  • Angel half sleeve

    It was the first big piece that I got to tattoo, the first really good realism piece that I put a lot of work Into

  • Scarry and Beautiful Holy Mary

    It doesn’t have any deeper meaning to me. I think the combination of her calm expression with the stitched-together-eyes makes her look both beautiful, calm, and scarry at the same time.

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