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  • Daddy

    My father passed in May of 2013 and I bought my mom a rose bush that was just a stick. She nurtured it and the bush produced one, single rose. That rose bloomed on September 30, 2013 on what would… [ read more ]

  • Don’t Waste My Breath

    I have a lung condition called Cystic Fibrosis. The average life expectancy for some with Cystic Fibrosis is late 30’s, but many don’t live past 25. The first friend I ever made with CF, Alyssa, had two sparrows on both… [ read more ]

  • Family Remembrance

    It signifies three people that died while I was in Army basic training to become and infantryman to include: My uncle John, My grandmother, and the dog tags are for my grandfather tho died in the Vietnam War.

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