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  • life and death

    My tattoo show both the beauty and the ugly life and death where you have one you have the other.

  • Qoute

    it means so much to me because its how i feel about the love of my love of my life even a moment with my significant other is everything.

  • self image

    Its how everyone should live!

  • self image

    Its how everyone should live!

  • Psalm 23:4

    I’ve had struggles with my family and with my life in general. I know I have God by my side every step of the way.

  • My girls ~ my life

    This tattoo resembles my girls ~ my life, as the script says. I struggle most days threw server depression & also server anxiety, iv been medicated, physiologist & now seeing a doctor that is a specialist in mental health ect…. [ read more ]

  • La catrina

    Tattoo itself is a photo of a lady done up as a La catrina and at this point I was at a “end of the world” party when finding her. Took the photo to my artist and said I want… [ read more ]