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  • Time

  • Red rose and lace

    For me one of the coolest tattoos i did lately and it’s just a bit different you dont see something like it as fast :)!

  • Mammas boy

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I really love and cherish my mom so because she was doing all she could to fight breast cancer I did as well. So after donating to charities and running charity runs… [ read more ]

  • Cancer Ribbon

    This tattoo was for my Auntie who was more like my best friend. She lost her battle to cancer a month before my daughter was born.

  • Key Tattoo

    I got this tattoo in dedication to my family because they are the ones who will always hold the key to my heart.

  • Covering the d

    Everyone deserves a tattoo that they like and can enjoy.

  • Think Pink

    My sister and father had cancer (both alive and well). Most cancer aware people wear a pin, I wear my ribbon on my shoulder.