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  • Find your eternity in each moment

    The significance of this tattoo is pretty self explanatory to “find your eternity in each moment”. It’s crazy how you can pass through a work week or a year and have no real recollection of what goes on. However, when… [ read more ]

  • Peacock feathers

    I love peacock feathers, love the colours, this was my very first tattoo- designed and planned it for over a year.

  • Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why ribs are cages.

    I know a heart on the chest is a common and slightly cliche concept, however I specifically wanted the ribs to be broken and half holding the heart still in. I think its a tattoo with a very literal meaning…. [ read more ]

  • Heart of a gypsy

    The gypsy woman reminds me to enjoy every second of life’s adventure, because you never know what will happen. Also to stay in tune with my energy, an example of such would be to listen to my heart and instincts.

  • What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

    This is for my mother. She has been through so much and yet still remains so strong. My piece isn’t finished, but I do plan to finish it by the end of this year.

  • Ribcage

    Every one is made of something beautiful.

  • peacock

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