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  • a life story

    They all tell a different story about events that had happened in my life

  • Stars

  • Lady of the sea

  • Toka Bear

    My dogs are my life. I finally decided to breed breed her to one of my male. She had her litter and eight days later she passed away. My girlfriend and I bottle fed all her puppies. All of them… [ read more ]

  • desirable dreamcatcher

    this piece is exceptionally special because it is my one and only cover up piece. and it was also my first side/rib piece. my second tattoo was a cluster of stars that I’ve been dying to cover up since I… [ read more ]

  • Snake and gun

    Don’t Tread on Me tattoo from Jeremy at Liberty Tattoo in College Station, TX

  • stinkin guts

    I’ve been wanting this since I was a teenager, my best friend in the world put it on me and did an ahmazing job, I love it so much. he usually likes to do more of a tear look (obviously… [ read more ]

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