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  • Nevermore

    My brother-in-law and I were very close and we shared a mutual love for Edgar Allan Poe. He committed suicide a few years ago and I got this tattoo in memory of him. It’s the first piece that is going… [ read more ]

  • La Fenice

    My phoenix signifies my rebirth from the girl I was a few years ago during some horrible experiences at university. From those ashes I rose a stronger, fiery woman, yet I still bear the scars from my past. This beautiful… [ read more ]

  • Orchids ribs

    This was my first tattoo… I was 17, I became friends with a couple of the guys at Cadallic Tattoo on Rising Sun. One day I convinced my mom to sign off on the tattoo for me. The orchids represent… [ read more ]

  • Side piece and sleeve

  • Raven

    Spirit animal

  • Inked Dreams to Tatted Reality

    Everything. They signify my past which helped me to survive and arrive to present. They give me strength and hope and I wear them proudly.

  • a life story

    They all tell a different story about events that had happened in my life

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