• Inca Warrior

    its power, grace, strength and freedom

  • Mustang Sally

    Sally is one of 4 pin up girls that i carry with me every day. She’s a classy lady when she wants to be and is a real heart breaker. Her come and get me smile and dress caught in… [ read more ]

  • Angel

    My cousin died in 2009 when I was 14. My Aunt always called him my guardian angel, so I decided to keep him close to me all the time. Tiffany Elmergreen from Honest to Goodness in Grand Rapids, MI did… [ read more ]

  • Nurturing branch

    This tattoo represents my siblings as each bird their favorite color, and birds on a branch that comes from my mother’s favorite tree and represents her love for them all.

  • strength

    Tattoo in memory of my sister, her birth, death and a quote I wrote for the tattoo.

  • Love After Death

    Love the ones you’ve lost, Love after a loss, love when lost

  • always have faith


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