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  • Toka Bear

    My dogs are my life. I finally decided to breed breed her to one of my male. She had her litter and eight days later she passed away. My girlfriend and I bottle fed all her puppies. All of them… [ read more ]

  • desirable dreamcatcher

    this piece is exceptionally special because it is my one and only cover up piece. and it was also my first side/rib piece. my second tattoo was a cluster of stars that I’ve been dying to cover up since I… [ read more ]

  • Snake and gun

    Don’t Tread on Me tattoo from Jeremy at Liberty Tattoo in College Station, TX

  • stinkin guts

    I’ve been wanting this since I was a teenager, my best friend in the world put it on me and did an ahmazing job, I love it so much. he usually likes to do more of a tear look (obviously… [ read more ]

  • California Roses

    Born & raised in sunny California

  • Watercolor Cat

    I did this tattoo and I like watercolor tattoos.

  • My wild side

    The cheetah print down my side represents my wild side. It’s the side that comes out when it’s dark. The side of me that everyone should be scared of yet attracted by. It shows that I’m wild yet majestic, beautiful,… [ read more ]

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