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  • tribute

    This is a tribute to my brother who passed away earlier this year. the time on the clock is his birthday; 10-2 and the roman numerals is the year;1961. RIP bro, you will always be a part of me.

  • Battle and Protection between Father and Son

    My father and I have an amazing relationship. However we both struggle to be the dominant one in the family which leads us to battles at times. I had done a tattoo for my mom and my father was upset… [ read more ]

  • Jack and Sally heart of thornes

    I have many tattoos that represent mine and my fianc├ęs relationship. That I wanted one to represent our love with out just coming out in black and white and saying it. So basically that tattoo represents that me and my… [ read more ]

  • Freddie

    I’m the artist and I have waited for a long time in my career to see something of mine in a magazine

  • Black and Grey Phoenix

    This Phoenix tatto represents my rise from the ashes. I had a near death experience and this commemorates it as my rebirth. I had this tattooed on my 17th anniversary.

  • Tat

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