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  • lainas3rdtat

    i’m native american, so i’m all about the feathers, and i also love black birds. i was thinking about getting “Nevermore” added to the side of it as a reference to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” also a tribute to… [ read more ]

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  • portrait1

    my pops

  • finishedgypsy_large

    This tattoo is on my ribs, but that was not an option to choose. I got this after seeing the movie, Drag Me To Hell, and after seeing all the gypsies in Europe, so we put the two together.

  • 100_0487

    This piece is very special to me. It goes from my upper ribs, to my lower back, then down my thigh. It’s my cancer survivor piece so it means very much to me. No pain, no gain. Stay strong and… [ read more ]

  • modeling11193

    I won a bikini contest and got an all day session of custom drawn tattoos by Anita Cole at Victim Tattoo in Reedsburg WI